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  • Stuffed Bell Peppers

    Stuffed Bell Peppers

    Hello Friends! Happy long weekend Friday! I always have bell peppers in my fridge. They’re great for snacking and can be tossed into many different dishes! Sometimes, I buy way more than we can finish in a week. Luckily, they do tend to last much longer in the fridge than most peppers. I usually try…

  • Our Favorite Gluten Free Items

    Our Favorite Gluten Free Items

    Hello Friends! Is it an allergy or a preference? I love it when restaurants ask this question. For those of you who know me personally or follow my Instagram, you’ll notice that majority of what I cook and bake are gluten free. For me it’s neither an allergy or a preference. For my boyfriend, it’s…

  • Food for Thought (Recipes Included!)

    Food for Thought (Recipes Included!)

    Hello Friends! Today, we are going to focus on food-related obsessions. I love food. I’m very good at following directions, but I wouldn’t go to say that I’m good at making up recipes—they’re usually a rendition of something I’ve tried. I just enjoy eating. Who doesn’t?! My mom is the Queen of cooking Asian cuisine…