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  • Homemade Hash Browns

    Homemade Hash Browns

    Hello Friends! Thanks for sticking around and coming along for the unpredictable ride of Foodie Fridays! I’ve missed a handful of Fridays over the past several months, but what can I say? Life just happens. So thank YOU for always coming back! What is your normal breakfast routine like? I’m not usually the type of…

  • Bacon Fried Rice

    Bacon Fried Rice

    Hello Friends! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday yesterday! Today we are going to talk about fried rice. It’s one of the simplest dishes you can ever make. They’re great for leftovers and you can pretty much dump anything into it! It’s a great form of “clean out your fridge” challenge. I usually…

  • Bacon Sausage Quiche

    Bacon Sausage Quiche

    Hello Friends! Happy Foodie Friday! I made my first quiche a couple week ago and while I had my reservations about it, it turned out quite tasty. The first quiche I attempted ended up being a deep dish because I didn’t have a shallow baking pan (but I seriously just realized I could’ve used a…