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  • My (Current) Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

    My (Current) Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

    Hello Friends! Today’s Foodie Friday will be about my (current) favorite kitchen gadgets! Are there things in the kitchen that you absolutely cannot live without? For those of you who know me, I own many different kitchen knick knacks. It’s insane. But I love to cook and I love exploring new ways to cook and…

  • Gluten Free Breakfast Burritos

    Gluten Free Breakfast Burritos

    Hello Friends! I hope you’ve had a fantastic week! Cheers to the weekend (clinking my screen with my delicious $4 Blue Fin Moscato exclusively found at Trader Joe’s)! Do you like burritos? How about a breakfast burrito? I used to love getting breakfast burritos from a local Mexican restaurant in Baldwin Park. They had the…

  • Stuffed Bell Peppers

    Stuffed Bell Peppers

    Hello Friends! Happy long weekend Friday! I always have bell peppers in my fridge. They’re great for snacking and can be tossed into many different dishes! Sometimes, I buy way more than we can finish in a week. Luckily, they do tend to last much longer in the fridge than most peppers. I usually try…

  • Tacos for Days

    Tacos for Days

    Today, we are all about tacos. My taco obsession really started when I traveled to Mexico City for work in October 2019. I know right? Where the hell have I been? Seriously though, I had some of the best tacos in Mexico City.

  • Bacon Sausage Quiche

    Bacon Sausage Quiche

    Hello Friends! Happy Foodie Friday! I made my first quiche a couple week ago and while I had my reservations about it, it turned out quite tasty. The first quiche I attempted ended up being a deep dish because I didn’t have a shallow baking pan (but I seriously just realized I could’ve used a…

  • Introducing Foodie Friday!

    Introducing Foodie Friday!

    Hello Friends! I hope you’re having a wonderful Friday! So…what do you think about starting a Foodie Friday??? I plan (and that’s the key word: plan) to dedicate Friday posts to food! This will range from recipes to food recommendations—just anything food-related. I. Love. Food. That is why I’m going to hold myself accountable for…