Hello Friends!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Karmen and I have been handcrafting cards since 2010. I have picked up quite a few hobbies over the past decade and I thought this would be a great space to share them with you! I’ve always enjoyed journaling. I don’t do it as often as I would like, but I used to do it once upon a time. With mental health being an important part of our wellbeing, I thought I would share my crafting, my cooking, my experiences, and my random thoughts with all of you! Because sharing is caring.

A hilarious comedian named Michelle Wolf once said “And you know what blogs are, right? Blogs are a conversation no one wanted to have with you.” When I saw this standup on Netflix, I cracked up so hard because it’s the half truth. The other half to that is that it’s a conversation I never wanted to have with anyone. Wouldn’t you agree? It’s always easier to put your thoughts in writing than it is to discuss it with with another human being.

When I started handcrafting cards, I gave it a name, Kay Designs. My intention was to create personalized cards to sell to the general public—ideally through Etsy. Clearly, that did not happen. The reason it was named Kay Designs is because growing up (and even to this day), Karmen is commonly spelled as Carmen—because you have heard of Carmen San Diego? Or Carmen, an opera by French composer George Bizet? Well, during my naive high school years (and throughout college), I’d often check into restaurants and place phone orders as “Karmen with a K.” So “K” or “Kay” just stuck. I went with the name Kay Designs until 2019.

In late 2019, I decided to change the name to “Darling My Dearest.” This all stemmed from a card I had made for a dear family friend. One day I will introduce you to her! But she was not the recipient for that card. I showed it to her before it went into the mail and she responded with “it’s darling my dearest” and it just really stuck with me!

I tried to revive this blog several times over the past few years. None was ever successful. I was posting consecutively for maybe a few weeks because I really wanted to become a guest blogger or designer for some of my favorite cardmaking brands. Then I realized, it doesn’t happen overnight. I made many excuses for myself why I didn’t have time to post on my blog. While I have the best intentions to keep this afloat going forward, I really cannot make any promises. I can only say I’ll try. Because, you know, life happens.

I’ve decided to transform this blog into something more than just my cards. I thought I would throw in some other crafty projects, some cooking and recipes, some travel experiences, and whatever floats my noggin. Subscribe if you fancy that, unsubscribe should you not.


This blog is a personal blog. The purpose of this blog is to share personal thoughts, experiences, and inspiration only. I blog about things I’m passionate about and am interested in. I will never ever recommend or review something that I have no interest in or will not recommend. If you have any questions about something on my blog, feel free to contact me at karmenszeto@gmail.com.

Please be kind, do not steal. Feel free to link my blog to yours, but do not claim what you see here as your own. Thanks!

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