The Lamplight Lounge at California Adventure

Hello Friends!

Are you looking forward to Disneyland and California Adventure opening up this month?

We used to be an Annual Pass Holder. We went at least once a month…and it was mostly to eat since the rides were usually pretty crowded.

One of our favorite places to eat is at the Lamplight Lounge at California Adventure.

They have some of the best cocktails there and the food is phenomenal. There is usually a wait so be prepared. We usually try to go 30 minutes prior to opening to (1) get a decent seat and (2) beat the lunch crowd.

They have the cutest coasters there that have sketches of Disney Characters. You can ask them for new ones so you can take it home with you! I’ve asked that multiple times!

  • Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Nectar in the Rye
  • Favorite Appetizer: Potato Skins
  • Favorite Meals: Chicken Wedge Salad and Ratatouille

Overall, it’s a great place to just sit down and relax during your visit to the theme park. There is a bar area too that is first come first serve.

The restaurant also gets a great view of World of Color, although, I can’t say we’ve ever stayed long enough to watch it. One of our regrets now that our passes expired and, of course, the Pandemic changed everything.

We look forward to the day we feel comfortable enough to go to Disneyland and California Adventure again. Exploring the park at a small capacity will be very nice! Imagine how efficient rides will be? No lines!

If you return to Disneyland or California Adventure this month, feel free to leave a comment below and let me know how it went!




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