Sweet and Spicy Obsessions

Hello Friends!

Today we are going to discuss two opposite ends of the taste bud spectrum: the sweet and the spicy!

We’ll start with the sweet. Have you tried out these Dark Chocolate Creme Oreos yet? I was browsing on Amazon Fresh two weeks ago and noticed that they had the Chocolate Creme Oreos and immediately bought them. I didn’t realize they had Dark Chocolate Creme Oreos until this week! And let me tell you…they are wayyyyy better than the regular Chocolate Creme!

If you are chocolate lover, these are the cookies for you! Dunk it in some milk and it’s heaven!

They only have a family size available, but I’m not complaining. Gives me something to look forward to for a few days!

Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies Dark Chocolate Creme

Now let’s move on to spicy 🌶.

I was never into spicy foods or flavors growing up. I never understood how eating foods that cause you to profusely sweat, sniffle, and scramble for water or milk is something desirable in a food profile.

It wasn’t until this past year when I started to explore the world of hot and spicy. I found myself craving things like jalapeños in nachos and Korean spicy pork belly. Yes, I know, these aren’t that spicy, but it’s progress! I’m still not into the “spicy until you sweat” ordeal.

A few weeks ago, I decided to try out some hot sauces. The two brands I remember growing up with (though I never ate) were Tabasco and Tapatio. Have you gone to grocery store lately? There are so many different brands now—it’s overwhelming!

Meet Yellowbird. This stuff is absolutely amazing. It’s got the right amount of spiciness (for me). I started off with the Serrano hot sauce. I’m familiar with the Serrano pepper profile and I really like lime too so I thought this would be a great one to start with.

I bought the large bottle from Whole Foods and the smaller bottles are from REI, of all places. We were there shopping for camping gear last week and I found these mini bottles! I didn’t end up taking it with us to camp, but I thought the smaller bottles would be the perfect size to try, in case I didn’t like them I wouldn’t have to waste a larger bottle. A little goes a long way right?

Just like any other hot sauce, you can add this to just about anything. I’ve primarily added it to our taco bowls—something we’ve been having almost every day. If you are interested in that recipe, it’s located on this post. I switch up this recipe a lot depending on what I have in the fridge. Lately we’ve been using extra lean ground turkey for the protein and serving in it over a bed of spring mix with avocado and some Yellowbird Serrano hot sauce. It’s the perfect summer meal!

So, wherever you are and whatever your taste buds prefer, I hope you give these two things a try. Leave me a comment on this post to let me know how you like them!

Happy Weekend!







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