Sushi Enya, Little Tokyo (LA)

Hello Friends!

I hope you’ve had yourself a fabulous week! Cheers to the weekend!

We live in Downtown LA. There are so many different cuisines the city has to offer. Sushi is one of them. I love sushi. I used to not. When I was young, my family would go to Japanese restaurants for sushi and I would always just order udon and California Rolls. I was never into raw fish.

During my freshman year in college, two of my dear friends tried to get me into fresh salmon sushi. I was only dabbling at that time. I’d still order a lobster roll of some sort, which was basically California Rolls baked with lobster and/or scallops. Meanwhile, my friends were all eating the raw stuff.

I probably really started getting into it over the past decade. I’ve seriously been missing out. When we moved to Downtown LA, we were fortunate to find one of the best places in town via Yelp! While we have not tried every place or even the most popular sushi joints in town, this was our first place to visit and it was totally love at first sight!

Please queue the drums for………….Sushi Enya.

Lemon Roll

If you are familiar with Little Tokyo, Sushi Enya is a few stores down from the famous Marugame Udon and Daikokuya on 1st St.

Trying new restaurants can be daunting—especially during this time and especially when it comes to eating something raw. But I promise you—this place is amazing!

We’ve tried many different things off the menu, but our favorites are: the Lemon Roll, multiple orders of salmon belly sushi (usually anywhere from 20-24 pieces) and yellowtail belly (usually 4-8 pieces). Yes, that was all for just two people. The salmon belly and yellowtail belly is seriously (and literally) melt-in-your-mouth good.

From the friendly staff to the amazing quality of the sushi, please please please give this place a try when you’re in town!

Happy Eating!




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